Manchester United’s DJ Ashley Young reveals clash of music tastes with David De Gea


Ashley Young may not wield the biggest influence on Manchester United’s games these days, but the winger remains an important member of the squad.

Especially in terms of morale.

Just as Pepe Reina plays the MC role with Spain, so Young is the dressing room DJ at United.

And given the egotistical, alpha-male nature of Premier League dressing rooms, that’s no mean feat; indeed it’s a real badge of honour.

Speaking to Footballer’s Lives,  Young reveals how he inherited the role from Patrice Evra, who was the DJ back in the latter days of Fergie’s reign.

But it’s not like Young can be as creative as Judge Jules on the decks; he’s been essentially assigned two genres of music which can be played by manager Louis van Gaal.

Which everyone likes, except for David De Gea…

‘I’m the dressing room DJ. Patrice Evra was the last one, every time he wasn’t playing, or he was injured, I’d take over and do a mix and it went down quite well. There was no initiation. I just put my iPod on and was like ‘right, I’m taking over’.

“There are quite a lot of songs I’ll put on that everyone will listen to. But the manager, when he first came in, shouted Darren Fletcher over and said ‘I don’t like this’. So we had to change it!”

I’ve been told by the manager I can only play funky house or house music.

“Seriously that’s what he likes. That’s what’s on the playlist.”

“People dance about and get themselves prepared for the game. Music can be uplifting and motivate you.

“In the dressing room you can play anything. With any type of music, you’ll always have some people that like it, some people that don’t like it, some people that try and turn it off.

“There’s a bit of conflict between myself and David De Gea, he’s just got some crazy taste in music.

“It’s either dancing and Spanish stuff or it’s heavy metal, loud shouting and banging, just crazy to be honest. Whenever he puts the heavy metal on, a few people are looking around thinking ‘alright, we need to get out of here’.

(Via Independent)