Manchester United’s Angel Di Maria has begged Real Madrid to take him back [ABC]

Angel Di Maria regrets his decision to leave Real Madrid and has ‘begged’ them to take him back according to Spanish paper ABC.

The Argentine, who left Madrid last summer to join Manchester United, is currently trying to engineer an Old Trafford exit, with PSG looking like the most likely destination.

Di Maria’s Manchester malaise is well documented, and ABC specify that the weather is the biggest problem for the Argentine, who is unable to take the ‘cold, cloudy climate, with no sun after 4pm from October to March’.

And according to ABC, he now monumentally regrets his decision to leave Madrid last summer, which the paper reminds was almost done in spite, following Florentino Perez’s rejection of his increased salary demands.

In the end, Di Maria has only ended up earning marginally more at United than he would have had he stayed in Madrid: 5.3 million euro per year; while Madrid were ready to pay him 4.5m euros a season.

ABC claim that he now regrets those financial pretensions, and that he’s formally asked Madrid to take him back.

But Madrid have no intention of taking him back. according to ABC.