Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney stars in excellent Tiger Beer ad

Well done to Tiger Beer for making a pretty awesome World Cup advert.

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney stars in their new commercial which is to be shown in Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore and Vietnam. Rooney spots the “Last Tiger Beer” behind the bar and faces a race with another eager punter to grab the final bottle.

Rooney’s passion for beer is pretty well known and the clip of him scoffing down some of the amber nectar during the recent Manchester United-Chelsea match became one of the most popular videos of the season (see here).

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, England boss Fabio Capello and all fans of the Three Lions will be chuffed to see Rooney moving so quickly in the ad which also includes a pretty awesome ending.

Wayne Rooney’s “Last Tiger Beer” advert can be seen here.


We have had the misfortune of watching some pretty woeful adverts for the World Cup. Earlier this week we flagged up the Mexican sandwich advert featuring new Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez and today we have come across this monstrosity from Astro Malaysia featuring Frank Lampard and Lionel Messi.