Manchester United star in an Indonesian rock video which is basically just a commercial (ft Rooney, Kagawa & Chicharito)

Manchester United are crashing the music business.

Flying under the radar over the past few days has been the release of a horrific, car-crash pop video featuring none other than the Manchester United first team and an Indonesian rock band no-one’s heard of called Nidji.

How this collaboration came about remains something of a mystery, but suggestions in the Jakara media is that Nidji’s rather forgettable track ‘Liberty Victory’ has been chosen by the Red Devils to be their new anthem.

There is no doubt who the star of the video is meant to be: Manchester United.

With appearances from Antonio Valencia, David De Gea, Wayne Rooney, Shinji Kagawa and Javier Hernandez, the whole video is a toe-curling advertising stunt complete with unbelievably tacky story-lines interrupted by stereotypical images of footy fans.

Aside from the song itself, the most offensive part of the video is the overhanded inclusion of Manchester United’s commercial partners Turkish Airlines. This manifests itself with several very obvious frames promoting the airline company, but moreover through the weak tale of one of their pilots rushing home to pick up his son for a match at Old Trafford.


Some other observations.

Why are the players training in an underground car park? Surely the pilot’s red t-shirt must stink after flying a plane? Who is Mister Potato? Why did the parking attendent by the busker food? Don’t Nidji know that by filming most of the video in the Old Trafford tunnel it gives the impression that they weren’t allowed on the pitch? And is the kit man really the best person in the management staff they could force to appear in the video?

Watch the awful Manchester United-Nidji pop video below.

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