Manchester United manager David Moyes a ‘Dead Man Walking’ and facing the Old Trafford sack [Guardian]

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The Sun suggested it last night in their Monday morning edition, and now the Guardian have seriously cranked it up this afternoon.

While The Sun merely reported that the Manchester United board ‘have doubts’ about David Moyes after the Everton defeat, the Guardian are unequivocal: David Moyes is now a Dead Man Walking, and is imminently’facing the sack at Old Trafford.

According to Jamie Jackson’s article, it’s a matter of time before Moyes is sacked, though concretely, Jackson cites no more evidence than The Sun, so it’s difficult to understand how he has justified such a spectacular and cocksure headline.

In fact, the only sources of evidence Jackson musters are Rio Ferdinand’s tweet and Juan Mata’s blog, neither of which point the finger in any way at Moyes, and merely voice general frustration.

Make of it what you will, but what’s sure is this is the most categorical any article has been to date on Moyes’ future.