Manchester United legend Eric Cantona talks to Jonathan Ross (video)

Friday night on BBC One in England is famed for the Jonathan Ross show, the British presenter hosting the popular chat-show for high-profile celebrities. And last night was no exception as leading Frenchman Eric Cantona returned to British screens to plug his new movie, “Looking For Eric.”

Playing up to the crowd and the small splattering of United fans in the audience, Cantona admitted that the best period of his life was during his stay in Manchester as he was blessed with being part of “a great team, with great players, and great fans.” Cantona then dismissed suggestions that he would move into football management in the near future, speaking about his passion for acting as saying that that is his focus right now.

Never afraid to touch the raw subjects, Ross then asked Cantona about his infamous kung-fu kick on the Crystal Palace fan that saw the Frenchman banned from English football for nine months. On the ban Cantona admitted “it was difficult… but I deserved it,” before saying he learnt from his “bad experience” while also that he had “no regrets.”

(Part one of the Cantona interview can be seen here.)

In the second half of the interview Ross asked Cantona about his famous legendary perchance for philosophising, picking up on his most well-known statement about “when the seagulls follow the trawler…” With a cheeky smile, Eric explained how he doesn’t believe that football is too serious an issue in the spectrum of life as a whole, and as such he enjoyed playing with the media with his comments, confessing that most famous quote was mere gibberish.

(Part two of the Cantona interview can be seen here.)