Manchester United gift 21 replica shirts for a funeral of a 21-year-old fan [Picture]

Manchester United brilliantly responded to a phone call from a a group of Red Devils who contacted the club after their mate tragically passed away.

Chris Rose, 21, who was affectionally known by his friends as ‘Ginge’, lost his life last week, and the youngsters’ friends and family decided to celebrate his life by getting in touch with Ginge’s favourite football club.

On hearing about the sad death of the Red Devils supporter, Manchester United donated 21 shirts for the friends and family to wear at the funeral, which was held last Wednesday.

Family friend Tony Dayson told reporters about how Manchester United got involved:

It’s something we all spoke about beforehand, and we put in some money to hopefully get some shirts to wear. We spoke to a woman at the club and she was touched by our story and said she would ring us back, but couldn’t promise anything. A few hours later, she called us back and said the club would donate 21 shirts for Ginge’s funeral.

Ginge was a big Man United fan, and most of us are too. I can’t thank them enough for doing this in memory of a great young person.

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A picture from Ginge’s funeral can be seen below.

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