Manchester United fan interview interrupted by chants mocking Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard! [Video]

The last few weeks must have been a miserable reminder to Steven Gerrard of the cruel nature of football, to be so close to glory but yet so far away. Literally something as trivial as a slip proving pivotal in the grand scheme of things.

Liverpool midfielder Gerrard will undoubtedly also have been reminded of how cruel opposition fans can be, making sure to mock Gerrard at every opportunity, perhaps none more so than Man United fans.

In this clip they once again capitalize on an opening to laugh at the Liverpool skipper’s misfortune; hijacking an interview to remind Gerrard that he’s never won the league title.

United fans themselves have had to witness their team’s worst season in more than two decades but once again can find solace in the unhappiness of their bitter rival’s idol.