Manchester City’s Yaya Toure: ‘If I wasn’t African I’d be seen as the best in the world’ [Football Focus]

BBC’s Football Focus landed a huge interview with Yaya Toure this weekend, many people’s Player of the Year.

The Ivorian Express Train spoke forthrightly, honestly, and candidly on his opinions of African football, and its place in the world game.

Taking up a quote from Samir Nasri, who said Toure would be regarded as the best in the world if he weren’t African; and Toure emphatically agrees.

Toure believes that if he were South American, European, French…he would be regarded as the world’s best; and believes it’s subconsciously a question of colour.

Toure says: ‘African football is just as good as the rest…we are not animals, we are humans as well’.

Toure also laments that Africa has only claimed one Ballon D’Or (George Weah), and believes that Samuel Eto’o should have won it in his pomp.

Back in the studio, guest Graham Sharp expressed surprise at Toure’s African discourse, saying that he’s exagerrated the theory of prejudice against African footballers.

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