Manchester City defender Micah Richards admits he ‘doesn’t know what the future holds’ [Video]

Manchester City’s Micah Richards has admitted that he ‘doesn’t know what the future holds’ as he considers his future career options.

The defender has openly said that he needs more game time and is prepared to move away from City to get it, something he reiterated in this interview, but appeared wistful in the midst of the title celebrations.

Perhaps this feeling was enhanced by the presence of fellow English defender Joleon Lescott by his side. The centre-back will be leaving City this summer but didn’t appear to hold any malice against the club in this interview with the club channel.

Despite his lack of game-time, Richards seemed quite upbeat and genuinely happy for his teammates. But he did refer to his predicament on the sidelines with a rather poignant, “bit gutted that I didn’t qualify for an actual medal.”