Manchester City keeper Joe Hart gives bizarre and awkward interview with The Times Magazine

Joe Hart has given a truly bizarre and awkward interview with The Times magazine for their ‘Brazil’ issue.

The interviewer (Polly Vernon) and interviewee come across as incredibly tense, as Hart embargoed several types of questions beforehand, while Ms Vernon proceeded to ask Hart mostly questions about personal hygiene.

The journalist also took the slightly unorthodox method of recording all of this awkwardness, writing her feelings mid-article like ‘I feel like he hates me’, that she ‘couldn’t bear the tension anymore’ so decided to end it early, and that she felt ‘palpably threatened’, which sounds very extreme and surely just a poor choice of words.

The questions asked, when put together, sound almost tantamount to a strange interrogation, rather than the breezy dialogue usually expected:

Tell me about your fragrance, Joe.

What does it smell of?

Have you practised that?

Does it evoke feelings?

Does it evoke football? Is it the very scent of football? What does football smell like?

Cut grass and sweaty men?

Mud, testosterone and broken dreams?

Altogether, a rather odd interview, and a bit of a waste of time in printing.

Read the full bizarre Joe Hart interview here.