Man United & Liverpool owners team up to squash Rooney & Suarez player power [Mail]

One can’t help but get the feeling that the Mail on Sunday simply wanted to splash an article about both Wayne Rooney and Luis Suarez, and so the pseudo-tabloid have cobbled together a piece slamming both the Manchester United and Liverpool forwards in one foul swoop.

The backpage of the Mail on Sunday shouts:

We’re United – US owners join forces to keep Rooney and Suarez.

While some headline readers may have though the this was some roundabout story about uniting Rooney and Suarez in the same team, writer Joe Bernstein has instead rejigged old news to create a article which has the veneer of new news but without any substance.

The article reads:

Traditional enemies Liverpool and Manchester United have made a pact to stop Luis Suarez and Wayne Rooney from leave the Premier League rivals.

Owner John W Henry at Liverpool and United’s Glazer family – friends through their connections in American sports – have resolved together to stamp out player power and not to cave into pressure from star players and their representatives.

Liverpool will not sell Suarez at any price to Arsenal, despite him wanting to play Champions League football.

Chelsea and Arsenal have had two ids for Rooney and Suarez rejected and the only way the players will be allowed to leave is if an overseas club make a bid in excess for £60 million.

A copy of the backpage of the Mail on Sunday is below.