Man United legend Paul Scholes ALSO scored directly from a corner in five-a-side football match

On Monday a video of Manchester United legend Paul Scholes scoring a wonderful lob from own half in five-a-side football went viral, and now another brilliant clip from the game has come out on YouTube.

Scholes broke the deadlock in an over-35 league match between Chadderton Park Legends and Chaddy Park Veterans when the ginger genius scored directly from a corner.

After winning the dead-ball after seeing his shot deflected out of bound, Scholes managed to bend a corner into the far post past a rather chunky Chadderton Park keeper.

Scholes’ goal sparked plenty of banter from the touchline.

Watch Man United legend Paul Scholes scoring directly from a corner in five-a-side football match below.

Bonus Clip: Scholes wasn’t just able to score into his opponents net during the match, as the former England international deflected a shot from his opponents into his own net.