Man United legend Paddy Crerand says on MUTV “you wouldn’t get fed up of punching Luis Suarez”

Manchester United’s in-house TV channel MUTV aired their weekly “Paddy Crerand Show” and discussed a number of events from the Premier League over the weekend on Monday night.

The star of the phone-in show, as the name of the programme would suggest, is Manchester United’s legendary 1968 European Cup final winner Paddy Crerand who is not averse to handing out some controversial opinions.

Despite the majority of the show, with presenter Stewart Gardener, concentrating on Manchester United’s win at Chelsea, they did stray to talking about Liverpool’s 2-2 draw at Everton in the Merseyside derby.

On Luis Suarez’s celebratory dive in front of David Moyes, Crerand laid into the Liverpool striker with some harsh words including the line “you wouldn’t get fed up of punching him, would ya?”

Crerand went on to say, “His behaviour is disgusting, if he’s got a family, hopefully they will be brought up better than he was brought up.”

As well as indicating that he was “just joking” – Crerand also posted the following statement on Twitter this morning about Liverpool’s Luis Suarez: “Ref Luis Suarez what i said jokingly because opposing supporters will always have strong opinions on him. But a tremendous player for LFC.”

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