Man United boss Louis van Gaal: ‘I introduced the system Bayern are playing with now’ [Video]

Louis van Gaal’s arrival at Manchester United signals not just changes in personnel, but also in the club’s tactical philosiphy.

United have traditionally played a conventional 4-4-2 system, with small shifts during Ferguson’s later years, but by and large, 4-4-2 has been the club’s bread and butter.

With Van Gaal’s penchant for a 3-5-2, which can shift into a 5-3-2, United look set for a pretty radical change this season, and one of which they can reap the benefits in the long term, as the Dutchman pointed out with a nod to his tactical acumen.

Van Gaal reminded the press that it will take time: ‘Bayern Munich used to only play 4-4-2, and now they play the system that I introduced.’

Bayern won the Champions League in 2013 with the Van Gaal inspired 4-3-2-1/ 4 -1-3-2 formation, a fact of which he’s clearly very proud.