Man of his word: RMC radio journalist Eric Di Meco loses Azpilicueta bet, eats a rat

Eric Di Meco is clearly a man of his word.

The radio journalist for RMC (the French equivalent of Talksport, although a bit higher brow) made a bold statement two years ago.

The former Marseille defender keeps a close eye on his club for the station, and was taken aback by a claim made by Marseille president Jean-Claude Dassier concering new arriva, Cesar ‘Dave’ Azpilicueta.

The OM chief correctly predicted that Azpi was ‘the future right full back of the Spanish national team’.

Di Meco, clearly unimpressed with Azpi’s early performances at OM, went on record as saying ‘if that happens, I’ll eat a rat.’

Fast forward two years, and you know the story. Azpi made his Spain debut in their win against Uruguay the 6th of February last, and is  already vying with Arbelo for the regular spot.

So Di Meco manned up and did the deed – he ate a rat live on RMC radio!

To be more specific, Di Meco was served ‘ragodin’, a water rat called the copyu in English, the rodent being accompanied by apple slices, for some reason.

Bon Appétit!