Man City’s Samir Nasri gets harassed in the streets of Paris by a French comedian [Video with subtitles]

Samir Nasri was the victim of a skit by French comic Olivier Bourg.

Bourg tracked down Nasri on the streets of Paris, with the comedian posing as an excitable football fan as he struck up a conversation with the Citizen.

After some initial friendly chit-chat, Bourg then started talking about a variety of whacky topics including whether Nasri would become the godfather of his new dog football league, whether Nasri would kiss him on the lips, and then finally Bourg begged the French international to ether curse out the Les Bleus national team or, alternatively, insult the comic to his face.

In total, Bourg wasted 4 minutes and 40 seconds of Samir Nasri’s life.

Footage of the skit with English subtitles can be seen below.