Man City’s Nasri denies he got involved in an angry confrontation with an Arsenal fan on Twitter

Arsenal fans don’t like Samir Nasri much after the French international left the Emirates to jump on board the gravy train at Manchester City, and now it seems that some troublesome Gooners have started spreading a fake Twitter conversation around in an effort to make Nasri look foolish.

On Tuesday night rumours started spreading that the Manchester City midfielder somehow managed to DM (direct message) an Arsenal fan on Twitter by accident, which in turn lead to a angry back and forth between Nasri and the Gunner fan.

The alleged mastermind behind the hoax is Twitter user Sir Hamburgooner, while one can assume that Nasri received an unbelievable amount of abuse for the DM conversation which never happened as the 26-year-old was forced to post a message on his own timeline announcing that the back and forth were made up lies.

Read the made-up Twitter DM fight between Man City’s Nasri and an Arsenal fan below.

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