Man City’s Demichelis confirms story about van Gaal dropping his trousers in Bayern dressing room is true [Guardian]

With Louis van Gaal set to take over at Man United, every shred of evidence, anecdotal and statistical, is being dug up about the Dutchman.

Over the past few weeks, one story from his time at Bayern Munich has attained legendary status, though it has felt a bit too outlandish, embellished by hearsay, to be actually true.

But now we have categorical proof that it happened, as Demichelis was there and lived to tell the tale, so to speak: Louis van Gaal dropped his bags in front of his Bayern players, displaying his manhood in all its glory, in a symbolic message to ‘show balls on the pitch’.

Demichelis, it must be said, wasn’t going out of his way to tell; he was asked and reluctantly admitted it.

The relevant passage goes like this:

Demichelis was present for the now infamous team talk when Van Gaal attempted to make a point to the players by dropping his trousers, though unaware the episode has been given a thorough airing in English newspapers since the Dutch coach began to be linked with the United position. “You know about that?” he asks.

“Well I can confirm it is true but I don’t want to be the one to tell tales. It belongs in the dressing room, so that’s where it should stay.”

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