Man City send David Villa to play 10 games for Melbourne City in the A-League

The movements in 2014/2015 of David Villa will truly show the new global reach of Manchester City in the football world.

Just days after announcing Villa would be the first player to sign for New York City FC, it was confirmed in the early hours of Thursday morning that the Spanish striker would play 10 games in Australia.

Villa will play for Melbourne City in the A-League.

With New York City FC not playing their first match in the MLS until March, this will allow Villa to play and keep fit before the American season begins.

Manchester City own parts of both New York City FC and Melbourne City, who also changed their name in recent hours, from Melbourne Heart.

Australian football fans have welcomed the news that Villa will play 10 games in Australia where the Spanish hitman has already been hailed as the highest-profile star to appear in Oz.

Arguably, only Alessandro Del Piero compares in stature to David Villa.

The former Valencia, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid striker had the following to say on the move:

“It’s very good for me in every sense. From a football point of view it’s the opportunity to play in a new league in a different country, and of course it will be ideal for me to get some competitive football in the period before the MLS season gets under way.”

Video below.


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