Mallorca denied perfectly legal goal at 1-0 up v Real Madrid

With the stakes so high at the top of La Liga this season and with Real Madrid’s lead at eight points with Barcelona set to play Betis this evening, it is little wonder a key decision from their win at Mallorca yesterday is being chewed over by all media outlets in Spain.

Thirteen minutes into the second half, with Mallorca 1-0 up and Kaka and Fabio Coentrao being readied for their introduction, the home side launched an attack down the left hand side.

A long searching ball was played from the left back position for Victor to run onto against a high Real Madrid back line. Mallorca striker Victor ran through and finished past Iker Casillas but the move was pulled back by referee Pedro Montero.

Replays however suggested Victor could not have been offside as when the ball was played Victor was (just) in his own half. It will come as no surprise that the pro-Barcelona press are seething today after Real Madrid eventually bagged a 2-1 win.

They are not alone though, Mallorca coach Joaquin Caparros had this to say: “The goal we had cancelled was completely legal. There are times when you would take a stone and commit bad things with it.”

Footage of Mallorca’s perfectly legal goal at 1-0 up v Real Madrid can be seen here.