Mail claim Jose Mourinho has lost Chelsea dressing room, players siding with Eva Carneiro in series of editorials

The Daily Mail are currently circling around Jose Mourinho, smelling blood.

The journos at one of England’s biggest tabloids appear to be convinced Mourinho has lost the dressing room at Chelsea, and that he’s a dead man walking at the Bridge.

This article from chief football writer Neil Ashton claims that staff around the Bridge are staying out of Mourinho’s way in the corridors, for fear of feeling the full wrath of the Portuguese.

Ashton also claims that Mourinho is feuding with Diego Costa, who has taken his eye off the ball and gone off the rails with his partying lifestyle of late.

Ashton also claims that the controversy surrounding club medic Eva Carneiro, who was relieved of matchday duties after the opening game of the season, has caused unrest among the players, most of whom side with the doctor.

And today, Adrian Durham adds fuel to the fire by claiming that Mourinho has lost the support of the players, who claims that the players simply gave up at Goodison on Saturday, and are no longer playing for their manager:

”As Everton strode forward to score their third and seal victory, I wondered why the Chelsea players were walking back, not running.

Why had they stopped? Why did they stop running for their fans? Why did they stop running for their club, for their manager? And that’s the key to understanding why Chelsea look like David Moyes took over as boss in the summer.

The players look like they have stopped trusting Jose Mourinho.”

To be fair, it doesn’t take a team of well-informed hacks to state the bleeding obvious – that all is not right at Chelsea, but it’s the detail they offer that is interesting.