Madness! Lone Defensores De Belgrano fan invades pitch & starts to attack players

Argentina’s 3rd division witnessed some crazy scenes yesterday as things turned rather ugly at bottom side Defensores De Belgrano.

On the receiving end of a 3-0 home defeat to Deportivo Moron, with ten minutes to go, a fan from the crowd, scaled a wire fence and came on to the pitch to confront some of the players.

According to reports the invading supporter wanted to confront some of the players, but defender Nahuel Fioretto, formerly of Boca Juniors, was having none of it and confronted the pitch invader.

After Fioretto and the invader had slugged it out, literally, the fan threw a chair at the Defensores De Belgrano players and escaped back to the safety of the terraces.

The game was subsequently suspended for 10 minutes. And the events after the game, are quite difficult to believe.

Fioretto was forced to stay in the changing room due to angry fans. The pitch invader escaped with no punishment and Defensores De Belgrano have not made an official complaint.

Meanwhile, the rest of the squad had to wait 40 minutes to leave the ground due to a baying mob outside. Defensores De Belgrano whilst bottom of the Prim B Metro Table are just a couple of points off the drop zone.

South American football, eh?!