Madness! Kuwaiti ref smashes Alnaser player in retaliation to physical intimidation, then sends off a sheikh

When refs fight back.

Sadly, violence against referees is a common occurrence in Kuwait (we’ve featured such stories), and this week saw another case of mistreatment towards the officials in the Kuwaiti league, only this time, the ref fought back.

Arbitrating the game between Alnaser and Alarabi, the ref felt the wrath of the Alnaser players after awarding a penalty against them, as they surrounded him like hounds, manhandling and intimidating him.

Cornered and feeling threatened, the official lashed out and smashed an Alnaser player, knocking him to the ground.

The mob then eased off, and as the ref re-established order, he sent off a trolling sheikh.

Pure Madness!

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