Maddest Goal of the Week: Arve Walde (LovHam) vs Skeid Oslo

A huge thanks to Christian Jacobsen for alerting us to this brilliant footage.

The Norwegian second division match between Skeid Oslo and LovHam produced one of those crazy footballing moments when everything beings to unravel in slow motion, yet somehow nobody seems to do anything to stop the inevitable.

Heading into the final 30 minutes of the match the sides were locked at 1-apiece after the first half. Then the crazy happened. On the attack, LovHam looked to release their centre-forward over the top, only for the offside striker to miss out on possession after the ball ran through to the keeper.

Cue the confusion.

With the LovHam striker having been offside, the home goalie, Beau Molenaar, somehow fell under the impression that the a free-kick had been given in his team’s favour. As such, Molenaar casually tossed the ball outside his box, biding his time before taking the “free-kick.” The only problem was that no free-kick had actually been signalled by the referee, who in turn was happy to see the play continue without calling for a stoppage for the redundant offside.

Remembering the maxim “play till the whistle,” which in this case never arrived, LovHam forward Arve Walde (pictured) nipped in to steal the loose ball, sheepishly rounded the keeper before looking embarrassed as he stroked the ball over the line.

Adding insult to injury for Skied, that goal proved to be the winner.

Arve Walde’s bizzarre goal against Skied Olso can be seen here.