Mad Mad Mad Montenegro: A Buducnost fan storms the pitch, bear-hugs a player & scores a golazo vs Lovcen

This. Is. Bonkers.

In the furthest backwaters of European football lies the Montenegrin first division, and on Wednesday night it provided one of the wackiest moments so far this year.

Buducnost Podgorica, despite losing 1-0 at home to mid-table Lovcen, were finally crowned champions after the 33-week long season, but the final moments of the campaign were reserved for a brilliant pot-bellied, face-painted, pitch-invading Ultra.

As the 102nd minute ticked over (we can only assume crowd trouble had earlier held up play) Buducnost won a free-kick on the edge of the Lovcen box.

With the crowd swelling on the sidelines as they waited to rush the pitch to celebrate the title, the hold-up in play proved too much for two Ultras.

A first young fan stormed the pitch with a flare, which he sparked dangerously near the face of one of his own club’s players. With his adrenaline pumping as he fed off the crowd’s energy, the fan then ran amok amongst the players before eventually falling into the arms of a security man.

By that stage though, a second Ultra was attracting the spotlight.

After initially looking like he was going to surrender to an officer, the tubby fan dashed clear and headed for the dead-ball. Then, after having picked up smiling defender Mitar Pekovie in a bear-hug, the fan pushed another Buducnost player aside before curling a golazo around the wall and in off the post.

As you can assume he celebrated like a crazed manic!

Enjoy the whole episode of the mental Buducnost pitch-invading golazo-scoring Ultra here.

(A video with just the free-kick golazo is here.)