Mad Jens Lehmann strikes again and now he’s stealing shoes

Is Jens Lehmann a kleptomaniac, a raving loon, both or neither?

Last week we brought you footage from Stuttgart’s UEFA Cup match at Zenit St. Petersburg showing the 39-year-old keeper losing the plot with his teammates Khalid Boulahrouz, ripping off the defender’s headband off and throwing it angrily behind the goal after the Dutch defender messed up a header. (Read here.)

And just three days later Lehmanns’ thieving was once again on full view as Mad Jens stole Hoffenheim’s Sejad Salihovic’s boot after it fell off the forward’s foot with two minutes to go in their thrilling 6-goal encounter.

The footage starts with the camera focused on Salihovic, shoulders shrugged, as he intimated to the referee that he had no idea where he boot had disappeared to. After the TV editor then showed how the boot fell off in the first place, we then catch up with the referee ordering a one-booted Salihovic off the field of play as he failed to have the correct uniform. Miffed, Salihovic did as he was told.

All this time, Mad Jens (who was later outed as the perpetrator of the theft) was seen coolly barking orders at his defence who were readying themselves to face a Hoffenheim set-play, only for Salihovic to them spot his misplaced boot on the roof of Lehmann’s net where he quickly slipped it on and got on with the match.

Sadly we are missing the complete footage capturing Lehmann’s theft red-handed, but the event was confirmed by a comment on this website from “101er Wouter” who wrote in to say “some Hoffenheim guy looses a boot, Lehmann goes all the way out to get it and tosses it away, on top of his on goal! Took ages for the Hoffenheim player to find the boot. Lehmann is such a nutter, but what else is new!”

The footage of the incident can be seen here.