Luke Shaw explains to Arsenal fan on Twitter why he didn’t track Gareth Bale!

The Tweets above show not only the power of Twitter but just how tight it is as Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea attempt to secure one of the two Champions League spots.

Tottenham struggled to beat Southampton but Gareth Bale’s winner on 86 minutes kept Andre Villas-Boas’ side in the hunt for a top four finish.

One Arsenal fan was particularly disappointed and Tweeted Southampton left back Luke Shaw the following: “you absolute tw*t it was so obvious bale was cutting in why the fu** didnt you track him.”

To which, Shaw actually replied with an answer that many Spurs fans will nod knowingly to: “couldn’t catch him:(”

Shaw, a promising young left back, who has been compared to Bale, as another youngster coming through at Southampton, was the player that attempted to stop the Welsh flyer score the only goal of the game.

The Arsenal supporter then Tweeted a reply and also admitted that he felt bad for questioning the Southampton left back.

GIF of Gareth Bale’s match winner for Tottenham v Southampton is below.