Luiz Adriano publicly apologises for controversial goal v Nordsjælland (video with English voice over)

After causing outrage across Europe and even shame in his home country of Brazil, Luiz Adriano has come out with a public apology on the official Shakhtar Donetsk website for his first goal in the Champions League against Nordsjælland on Tuesday night.

This apology came after Luiz Adriano showed no remorse in Copenhagen airport in the hours after the game and a day after the Brazilian striker was charged for “violation of the principles of conduct” by UEFA.

He is accused by UEFA of breaching Article Five of UEFA’s disciplinary regulations. His case will be heard by the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body next Tuesday.

The statement on the Shakhtar Donetsk website goes as follows: “I haven’t seen the beginning of the episode, because I was standing with my back to the ball and my face towards the opposition goal, I was in the attacking area and did not notice what had happened on our half. I was very focused on the game and, when the ball dropped near me and the defenders did not show any initiative, I picked up the ball, beat the goalkeeper and scored – I am a forward.”

Luiz Adriano adds: “Later, after analyzing the replay of that episode and after talking to my teammates, I realized what had happened, I completely changed my view on the episode. I’m very sorry about what happened, I apologize to all the fans and UEFA. Nothing like this ever happened to me before, I always respected, do and will respect the Fair Play rules. Once again, I apologize and I promise that this will never happen again – I will be more focused and attentive on the pitch and I will abide by the rules of fair play.”

Video of the apology below whilst the incident in question can also be seen below.

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