Luis Suarez tells Guardian & Telegraph he wants to leave Liverpool for Arsenal

The Luis Suarez transfer saga has been heading for the nasty stage for some time and now the Uruguayan has gone full hog to force through an acrimonious move from Liverpool to Arsenal.

Both the Daily Telegraph and Guardian lead their Wednesday morning sports coverage with interviews with Suarez where he tells them he will force through an Anfield exit to go and play for Arsenal.

Suarez told Pete Jenson of the Daily Telegraph and Sid Lowe of The Guardian the following: “I want to move to play in the Champions League and there is a club offering me that opportunity. I have told the manager that I want to leave the club. I am being accused of showing a lack of loyalty but last year I had the opportunity to move to a big European club and I stayed on the understanding that if we did not qualify for the Champions League the following season then I would be allowed to go.”

The current Liverpool striker continues: “I am 26, I need to be playing in the Champions League. I feel I have done enough to be playing in the Champions League at this stage of my career. Now there is an option for me to do that and I want very much to take it. I don’t feel betrayed but the club promised me something a year ago just as I promised them that I would stay and try everything possible to get us into the Champions League. They gave me their word a year ago and now I want them to honour that. It is not just something verbal with the coach but something that is written in the contract.”

Guardian interview here.

Daily Telegraph interview here.

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