Luis Suarez puts bad tackle in on Liverpool Ladies player during training

“You can lose some things, but you can never lose the slyness, the passion that you have had since you were a kid playing in the street. If I didn’t have the character that I have today on the pitch, I don’t think that I would have become the player that I am today.” – Liverpool talisman Luis Suarez.

This clip will likely be taken two ways, depending on your point of view about Luis Suarez. There is no in between right?!

Either “Luis Suarez is a winner and would tackle his own grandmother if it helped his team. Liverpool are lucky to have him.”

Or, “Luis Suarez is sexist as well as an alleged racist. The Uruguayan is a blight upon the English game.”

The video below comes from a joint training session between the Liverpool men and ladies teams ahead of the new Super League season.

With all the speculation that has been rife about Luis Suarez’s future at Anfield over the past 24 hours, at least the former Ajax forward has shown he is committed to the cause…