Luis Suarez “Hulk celebration” at Stoke turned into comedy Memes

Luis Suarez is in the midst of a quite incredible season.

Currently the Liverpool striker has better statistics in 2013/2014 than Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

As it stands Suarez is a shoo-in for Premier League player of the season and he can realistically set his sights on next year’s Ballon d’Or ceremony.

Whether Liverpool can hold on to Suarez if they don’t make Champions League at the end of the season is at the moment a moot point, especially if they can challenge for the title, as Brendan Rodgers hinted at after the victory at Stoke.

Having scored 22 goals for Liverpool in the Premier League this season, Suarez has had plenty of opportunity to improve his celebrations.

At Stoke on Sunday, after Suarez put Liverpool 2-0 up, the Liverpool hitman rolled out “The Hulk” celebration – imitating Mario Balotelli who famously flexed during Italy’s win over German at Euro 2012.

And, as sure as night follows day, the internet began making comedy Memes of Luis Suarez as the Hulk and who he could be holding during this celebration…

The first picture is the celebration as it looked originally.