Luis Suarez handball goal v Mansfield: Why didn’t the Liverpool striker do a Miroslav Klose?

Luis Suarez is like Marmite – you either love the Uruguay striker or hate him.

Now, whatever has gone on before can be brushed aside. It felt like Luis Suarez had a chance to turn round many of his critics today, just minutes after coming on against Mansfield.

Luis Suarez burst his way into the box and scored to make it 2-0 Liverpool in the 59th minute, with his hand.

It was a clear handball.

At this point, the Uruguayan had a super opportunity to change his reputation in England once and for all.

Cast your mind back to Setptember, the heady days at the start of the 2012/2013 season. Miroslav Klose scored with his hand for Lazio against Napoli and duly told the referee not to count the goal.

It was a moment of pure sporting brilliance and Klose was rightly applauded for his actions across the globe.

Video of Miroslav Klose’s amazing fair play can be seen here.

Back to Suarez, instead of changing his reputation of a racist/cheat /player who cares little for the rules (delete where appropriate), the Liverpool hitman simply missed an opportunity to make his name in England.

Remember, this was a goal against a Conference side in the FA Cup third round. Commentators and pundits would have been falling over themselves to hail Suarez had he told the referee to disallow the handball goal against Mansfield.

Instead, coupled with an attempt to score a “Hand of God” goal against Southampton just a month ago (second video below) and that handball against Ghana in the 2010 World Cup (third video below), it is very difficult for Liverpool fans to argue Luis Suarez isn’t a cheat!

The first video below is Luis Suarez’s galling handball goal v Mansfield.