Luis Suarez gives interview to The Sun on Sunday ahead of Sunderland v Liverpool

Luis Suarez spent much of the summer doing his best to get away from Anfield and today has committed a cardinal sin in the eyes of many Liverpool fans.

Ahead of his Premier League return for Liverpool at Sunderland today, Suarez has talked about his 10-game ban to the Sun on Sunday, the tabloid that is barely even sold on Merseyside.

For anyone that needs reminding, The Sun is boycotted on Merseyside for their disgraceful reporting of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

It is extremely rare that a Liverpool player would talk to The Sun or their Sunday edition and Suarez could well have committed a rather big mistake here.

Suarez said in today’s edition: “I want to triumph in England. During the months I was off, I meditated very much because of my desire to break the false image that I believe the supporters have of me at the moment. I am really serious about this. And when I play, I want to stay isolated on the pitch to avoid the provocations from rivals.”

The Uruguayan striker continued: “This is the key to keep things on the level. I know the Liverpool fans are with me. Despite the controversies I have been involved in, I received many letters demanding that I stay at Anfield.”

And on events of the past summer, Suarez said: “It was an unusual and difficult summer concerning the chances of Liverpool selling me. Some clubs sounded me out but Liverpool made a decision. My future? I’ll speak again at the end of the season. Now I am back and my dream is for us to improve on last season and fight for trophies. We have a good squad and have opened the season well after a difficult summer. I have the confidence of manager Brendan Rodgers, who was happy to let me return at a difficult place like United.”

Considering how vociferous Liverpool fans have been in their anger towards The Sun for many years, it is a surprise their supporters are not up in arms about this interview, given to Geoff Sweet – link here – on Sunday.

Three Tweets on Luis Suarez giving an interview to The Sunday Sun are below.