Luis Suarez gets locked out of his house, takes pictures with Barcelona fans while waiting for keys [Video]

Luis Suarez is currently in an extremely weird situation – staying at his in-laws house in Castelldefels, a small town 20km outside of Barcelona, awaiting word from Futbol Club Barcelona as to when he can, or indeed if he can be presented as a Barcelona player.

Until then, he basically has to wait, unable to even the Camp Nou or use their training facilities.

With the Castelldefels locals  hysterical over the arrival of Suarez to their small town, Suarez-Mania has broken out, with fans and TV crews waiting outside his house.

This morning, on return from an errand, Suarez forgot his keys and was locked out of the house, meaning he had to call his neighbor to bring him a spare key.

While waiting, Suarez was stuck out on the street like a regular guy, and took some photos with fans in Barcelona jerseys.

Skip forward to 1:50 in the video to see Suarez forgetting his keys and taking snaps with fans.