Luis Suarez bites Branislav Ivanovic (Videos, GIFs & pictures)

Luis Suarez biting Branislav Ivanovic will go down as one of the all-time most infamous Premier League moments and it had to be Luis Suarez didn’t it.

The Uruguayan, who has previous for this type of incident, took center stage in a pulsating match and had a hand (mouth) in almost every big incident during the second half.

Suarez crossed delightfully for Daniel Sturridge to equalise, before handling (just like in the World Cup quarter-final against Ghana) to give Chelsea a penalty to make it 2-1.

Then Suarez bit Ivanovic before securing a point for Liverpool with a 97th minute equaliser. A performance that will live long in the memory.

Liverpool fans are worried Suarez will be hit with a lengthy ban, it was 7 matches in Holland in 2010, which could rule him out for the season.

And, will Liverpool want to hold on to a player that is so damaging to the reputation of the club, despite his undoubted on field brilliance.

All the videos, GIFs and pictures we could get our hands on of an insane incident are below.