Luis Suarez after 1st day training with Barcelona: ‘Happy to feel like a footballer again’ [Video]

After a month of twiddling his thumbs in a suburb outside Barceona and running incognito up and down Las Ramblas, Luis Suarez was finally allowed put on the Barcelona training gear and bib today and take full part in training with his new club, following a relatively successful appeal.

Suarez will be allowed to train from now on, but can’t play until the weekend of the 25th/26th October, which just so happens to the first El Clasico of the season.

The Uruguayan looked like a man who’d just been released from solitary confinement after training today, beaming and brimming with renewed energy after getting reacquainted with the ball, telling the club channel,

‘I feel so happy to feel like a footballer again.’

Watch the English video above, Spanish below.