Luis Figo snubs former club at Champions League draw: ‘I don’t speak for Barcelona’ [Video]

What with having whiskey bottles, lighters, and severed pig’s heads hurled at him, it’s fair to say Luis Figo has some ‘beef’ with Barcelona.

The Portuguese was the subject of arguably the most acrimonious transfer in football history when he moved from Barcelona to Madrid in 2000 for a world record transfer fee, and from then on all he’d burned his boats with the Catalans.

14 years later, the past is not forgotten and Figo, acting as ambassador for this year’s Lisbon final, snubbed his former club at the draw today, walking away from the Catalan reporter, before reluctantly telling him ‘I don’t speak for Barcelona’.

Problem is, he may just have to meet them a couple more times at such junkets this season…

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