Lucky, Lucky Boy! Cristiano Ronaldo got away with petulant and violent horse kick out at Israel defender

Cristiano Ronaldo was at his frustrated worst last night as Portugal played out a 1-1 draw with Isreal that leaves them looking at yet another play-off, with Russia 3 points ahead.

With Israel clearly under strict orders to get in Ronaldo’s face in order to nullify Portugal’s game, the Real Madrid player with more goals than games became increasingly frustrated with the special attention being afforded him.

His frustration boiled over – in just the 13th minute – with Israel’s number 7 literally dragging and hanging out the back of him.

Wanting to leave his mark, and with the referee literally one yard away facing him, he lashed out with a violent and petulant kick, like a wild horse on amphetamines. Had he connected, he’d have kicked him in the head and quite possibly knocked him out such was the force of the kick.

Surely the ref saw and bottled it? Because sending off Ronaldo in the 13th minute of a crucial home qualifier takes stones not every ref is endowed with.

Not just a red card, Ronaldo would surely have received a lengthy ban for such a piece of violent conduct.

Lucky, lucky boy!