Liverpool legend Dirk Kuyt linked to Man United because he works hard is the dumbest summer transfer story

Rob Shepherd, the Mail on Sunday’s writer who ever weekend seems to defecate nonsense transfer stories in the pseudo-tabloid, has this weekend posted a doozy about Dirk Kuyt moving to Man United.

In an article which is unlikely to happen, but will surely annoying LIverpool fans a lot, the Mail claim that Louis van Gaal wants to bring Liverpool legend Dirk Kuyt to Old Trafford because he works hard.

The fact that Kuyt is 33 appears to be no barrier for the deal happening.

The article is threadbare on any tangible pieces of evidence supporting the story, except the faith readers are suppose to give Shepherd for scribbling:

Louis van Gaal is considering a stunning move to bring former Liverpool forward Dirk Kuyt to Manchester United.

The 33-year-old attacking workhorse has been playing for Fenerbache since leaving Anfield in 2012.

Van Gaal loves Kuyt’s work ethic and he has been a low-key but high-end performer for Holland.

Interestingly, Dirk Kuyt is such a favourite of van Gaal’s that he has only played in one match at the World Cup; the 2-0 win over Chile, in which the Dutch had already qualified.

Below are a series of tweets bashing the stupid-seeming story.