Lots of people think the Aaron Ramsey scoring curse is back [Tweets]

Here we go again.

Aaron Ramsey isn’t cursed. Yet, its undeniable that a string of famous personalities have all seemed to die immediately after the Arsenal midfielder finds the target.

Many people have today cited the return of the Aaron Ramsey curse after the passing of actor Alan Rickman.

To suggest the two incidents are connected is foolish, and yet that’s exactly what many are doing.

It’s worth noting that the Arsenal midfielder isn’t a fan of his so-called curse.

Back in June 2015, Ramsey recently gave an interview to Bleacher Report in which he spoke about wanting to become the new Steven Gerrard.

The interviewer, Alex Dimond, tweeted a transcript of a hilariously awkward deleted scene from the interview in which Ramsey was remarkably unamused by questions linking him to celebrity deaths.

Colonel Gaddafi, Steve Jobs, Osama Bin Laden and Whitney Houston are just some of the famous celebrities who have died incredibly soon after an Aaron Ramsey goal. But the player doesn’t think it’s funny.

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See how the Aaron Ramsey curse has reared it’s ugly head again.

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