Lorenzo Insigne’s agent tells Arsenal they face ‘a mountain’ in their bid to sign Napoli forward [Tutto Mercato]

Amid reports that Arsene Wenger is preparing a £17m bid for Napoli’s local lad Lorenzo Insigne, the player’s agent has been busying himself with some lobbying.

Insigne’s agent Antonio Ottaino told Tutto Mercato that it will take more than a simple bid to prise the local Neapolitan idol away from southern Italy.

Ottaino said:

“We take into account the praising reports that Wenger has given about the player.’

“We are honoured that a club like Arsenal could have Lorenzo on their wish list. However, from here to take it to the next level, that is a possible transfer, there is a huge mountain in between named Napoli.

“The club consider him without a shadow of a doubt as one of their key players for their ambitious project.

“Hence, as of today, I don’t see that there can be any further developments unless Arsenal speak to Napoli directly and Napoli change their view on Lorenzo’s role here.”

Translation: Double the fee and we’ll talk.