Srsly? Lord Sugar tells Talksport he dreams of tempting Fergie out of retirement to take over at Spurs, ‘struggles to understand’ AVB’s tactics

Though he’s no longer acting chairman, Lord Alan Sugar still carries a serious amount of clout around White Hart Lane, and his interview today on Talksport is sure to make an impact, and indeed leave Tottenham manager Andre Villas Boas feeling a little hot under the collar.

Lord Sugar came out with the outlandish suggestion that he’d love to see….retired Alex Ferguson take over from the much-maligned Spurs coach.

He told Talksport:

”My dream would be that my good friend Sir Alex Ferguson will get itchy feet in about a year or so and decide he wants to get back into management and maybe bring his wonderful wife down to London and manage our team.

“That would be my dream. If he comes to watch the game, I will suggest some nice houses for him and his wife to stay in.”

Sugar also showed his support AVB by saying he deserved to be encouraged but revealed he was also at odds with some of the decisions the current manager was making.

I’ve struggled to understand AVB’s tactics. You have wondered how we are going to get a goal. Four, five or even six games before that [defeat at City] you couldn’t see where the goals were coming from.”

AVB will no doubt be chuffed for the vote of confidence, and the knowledge that an OAP could do a better job than him.