Looking pissed but actually happy: RVP’s Instagram post after Man United beat Swansea [Picture]

After thirty minutes at Old Trafford on Saturday night, and with Manchester United locked in a goalless encounter with Swansea, the TV cameras panned to the injured Robin van Persie sitting in the stands.

RVP’s face look forlorn at the lens focused in, and immediately onlookers were reminded of just how important the Dutch forward is to United with their season looking on the verge of collapse.

RVP’s sad face was instantly picked up on by viewers as the jokes about the former Arsenal forward started rolling in.

Of course, van Persie has plenty to be sad about at the moment with stories breaking that the striker could be out for another six weeks after having picked up a thigh injury weeks back.

Interestingly, RVP used the picture of himself looking glum as the backdrop of a celebratory Instagram post after the Swansea win, and in doing so it seems that the Dutchman is capable of not taking himself too seriously during a difficult time.

RVP’s Instagram post is below together with some comments of football fans seeing the Dutchman in the crowd.

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