Long term Trolling! Kostadinov shirt spotted behind Laurent Blanc after PSG defeat at Chelsea


Arguably the most amazing image from Chelsea’s 2-0 defeat of PSG on Tuesday night came in connection with Laurent Blanc.

We suspect Blanc will come under pressure for PSG’s defensive tactics during the second leg and may well be moved on in the summer even if the Parisians win Ligue 1.

Besides Laurent Blanc’s short term issues, there was someone spotted in the crowd at the end of the defeat at Chelsea with a seriously long memory.

A full 21 years after Bulgaria stunned France in a crucial World Cup qualifier, Blanc was reminded with a “Kostadinov” 7 shirt of one of his lowest moments in football.

To recap, for many this is ancient history (!) – France were stunned at home by Bulgaria in their final World Cup qualifier for USA 94.

It was one of the most dramatic matches ever experienced by Les Bleus as the 1-1 draw going into the last few seconds would have been enough to get them to America.

David Ginola overhit a cross, Bulgaria ran upfield and Emil Kostadinov scored the goal that sent his country into ecstasy and France into despair.

Blanc would go on to win the World Cup and the European Championships but we would guess this was his worst day in football.

So, what was the motivation of the man in the crowd at Stamford Bridge?

Does he take a Kostadinov Bulgaria shirt to all PSG games? Where do you even buy one?!