LOLZ: Sir Alex Ferguson loses his gum whilst screaming at the lino (Man United v Newcastle)

One of the more interesting sights at Old Trafford on Boxing Day were the scenes of Sir Alex Ferguson publicly blowing his hairdryer at referee Mike Dean and his linesmen.

Fergie was incensed from the moment the Jonny Evans’ own goal was awarded in favour of the Magpies: a decision, which while it took the officials a few minutes to get straighten out, was one hundred percent spot on.

Repeatedly during the match Ferguson was capturing spitting fire at the men in black, but one such Fergie rant during the second half left the Scot looking a little silly.

As the Manchester United gaffer ranted at lino Jake Collin, the ferocity of Fergie’s fury saw the Red Devil lose his famous chewing gum.

Happily, after inadvertently flobbing his gum on the turf, Fergie got straight back to barking at the referee’s assistant.

Watch Fergie lose his gum below (credit to @Come_On_United).