LOLZ: Look how Steven Taylor tried to put off Asmir Begovic for Cabaye’s free-kick goal!!!

Newcastle defender Steven Taylor produced some epic Trolling on Sunday as he attempted to put off Asmir Begovic for Yohan Cabaye’s fine free-kick equaliser.

Once Newcastle were awarded their free-kick in the 73rd minute, Taylor stood in front of Begovic and attempted to put him off as he lined up the Stoke wall.

The “gamesmanship” continues for some time as Taylor jumps up and down, crouches down and generally attempts to swing even the smallest advantage Newcastle’s way.

St James’ Park rose to the Taylor baiting of Begovic and started singing the name of the Newcastle defender, all the while Yohan Cabaye is lining up his free-kick.

When Begovic moves to the other corner, Taylor follows him before going back and forwards along the line of the massed ranks of the Stoke defence.

You would think once Cabaye clipped his free-kick in it would end there, but Taylor must really have it in for Begovic as he charged in and made sure the Stoke keeper knew he had conceded.

The fan footage below is just one big epic 3rd Eye. Brilliant stuff! (Unless you are Asmir Begovic or a Stoke supporter).