LOLZ: Carlos Tevez jokes with Manchester City Club photographer before Aston Villa rout

What do the Manchester City players have against Manchester City Club Photographer Sharon Latham?

In August, the official Manchester City YouTube channel released footage of (Super) Mario Balotelli playing a prank on Latham prior to the 3-2 victory over Southampton (video here).

Before Manchester City’s 5-0 rout over Aston Villa on Saturday, Carlos Tevez also felt the need to be a little nasty to Sharon Latham, as can be seen on the video below.

The official Manchester City YouTube channel have prefaced their video with “Funny” and we have gone with “LOLZ” – there will be a fair few of you who don’t find Tevez’s gag that amusing.

Perhaps it is just the way he pulls it off. Presumably his heart is in the right place…

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