LOLZ: A French steward goes splat trying to catch a pitch invader (Chauray v Lorient)

France has a chockablock weekend of football as cup football took over with the round of 32 in the Coupe De France.

Amongst the matches played Lorient beat minnows Chauray 5-1 away, however away from the specific details of the match there was a pure comedy moment as a French steward failed in trying to catch a nimble pitch invader.

After Chauray scored their only goal of the game, a fan, probably in his 20s, ran onto the pitch in an effort to celebrate with his team. Within seconds however the supporter was forced to make his retreat as a steward raced to try an nab the trespassing fan.

And then came the fun.

As the intruder legged it off the pitch, over an advertising hoarding and then up-and-over a fence around the playing surface, the steward suffered an epic fail as he tripped over the ad board and fell flat on his face.

Watch the steward go splat below.