Lokomotiv’s Felipe Caceido booked for ‘Hazarding’ ballboy Dan Petrescu (Dynamo)

Felipe Caceido is clearly of the ‘Hazard’ school of thought on ballboys.

The former Man City striker was booked in Lokomotiv’s 1-0 defeat at Dynamo in Saturday’s Moscow derby for an overly aggressive attempt to get the ball back into play asap.

Trailing 1-0 and eager to keep the tempo up, Caceido rushed to the sideline to take a throw-in.

Dynamo Moscow manager Dan Petrescu had retrieved the ball though, and was in no particular rush to get in back in play (not that he was actively looking to waste time either).

Caceido wasn’t for waiting around, however, and ‘Hazarded’ Petrescu in an attempt prise the ball back out of his hands.

Petrescu complied without much restraint to be fair to him, and looked a bit shook by Caceido’s physicality.

Caceido was booked, but happily the incident was defused without much fuss as the Dynamo bench apologised for their part.

Watch Felipe Caceido get up close and personal with Dynamo Moscow manager/ballboy on the clip below.

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